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Furmint Dry

Kései szüret wines first began appearing in the mid-1990s. Made from late-harvested, over-ripened grapes (which are not necessarily botrytized), these wines have less complexity than Szamorodni. Generally lively and fresh, this category doesn’t have any ageing requirements, and they are generally aged for just a few months.

Harslevelu Dry

Quickly becoming a favorite of dry wine lovers, this hárs has aromas of pear and lemongrass, and lavender. Aged in the barrel for 7 months adds a light toasted flavor

Food & Aroma


All we have to know about the DRY revolution of TOKAJ

Tokaj has been making a big push in producing and marketing its dry wines, particularly Furmint, and dry Furmint is now fairly common to come across at restaurants in the World. With dry wines, winemakers don’t have to be so heavily dependent on whether weather conditions in any given year will bring on the botrytis, and they don’t have to wait for the sweet wines to age before bringing them to the market, so most winemakers see dry wine production as a key to being able to successfully stay in business (and also produce the more labor-intensive sweet wines which define the region). Being Tokaj, most of the dry wines will contain a few grams of residual sugar, which combined with their high acidity make them extremely food-friendly wines. Dry wines can be blended, or single varietal.

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