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Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are held in Tokaj center at Rákóczi Cellar in the stunning Knight’s Hall, one of the largest underground cellars in the Tokaji wine region.  We can comfortably accommodate 100 guests at a time and we also provide tastings for very small groups as well.  To give our guests a wide range of options for our Tokaj-Hétszőlő wines, they can choose from a variety of tasting packages.


Our cellar visits with wine tasting usually last between 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Tastings can be conducted in Hungarian or English.


We also have a wine shop located above the cellar, where you can buy our wines and other local specialties (balsam vinegar, grape seed oil, books) produced and bottled by the Tokaj-Hétszőlő Vineyard and other local manufacturers.



Contact details:

H-3910 Tokaj, Kossuth Square 15.

  • + 36-30-436-5767

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