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Distilling magic


Nature conspired to reunite all the conditions necessary on the Tokaj-Hétszolo Estate for the much sought-after Botrytis cinerea to flourish –  the land is a veritable treasure-trove. But when it comes to wine, you can never take anything for granted. Inspired by the mysterious powers of a single location, men have sought to marshal their know-how to promote this unique gift, making decisions without compromise and controlling yields in a constant search for ultimate quality.


Magical wines, beautifully refined


For a long time, it was thought that the shimmering colour of the Aszús of Tokaj-Hétszolo was a sign of gold... Alchemists even examined this strange phenomenon, but failed to find an explanation. One thing is sure: the peculiarities of the Hétszolo terroir produce wines of great harmony and incomparable complexity, imbued with the smoothness and nose characteristic of loess soils.


Furmint sec and Tokaj Aszú both come from the same grape: the Furmint. The only difference lies in the degree of maturity of the grapes, with Tokaj Aszú being made from overripe botrytised grapes.


When young, they share an aroma of flowers and white fruits.


Tokay Aszú is characteristed by notes of honey, spices and ripe fruit. With age, its pale colour takes on shades of amber. Their structure and balance are remarkable and subtly different flavours emerge depending on the vintage and on their classification as 3, 5 or 6 puttonyos. Over time, the acidity mellows in favour of tobacco, dark chocolate and truffles.


Thanks to its exceptional terroir and centuries of working in harmony with Nature, the Tokay-Hétszolo Estate has become legendary, and its elegant wines continue to delight connoisseurs the world over.