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  1. If walls could talk... they would no doubt tell of the numerous, tumultuous episodes in Hungarian history that took place here. Struggles, battles, betrayals and celebrations – a past worthy of a novel, and all centred around a single goal: possessing the precious vines. 3 sites today make up the Tokaj-Hétszolo Estate.


The vineyard – the heart of the Estate


On the South slope of Mount Tokaj, the vineyard recently acquired a cellar excavated by hand 18 metres under the ground. This provides the perfect conditions for ageing the Aszú wines.


The Rakoczi Cellars, the soul of the Estate


Located in the village of Tokaj, the cellars were created at the beginning of the 15th Century. At the heart of a veritable labyrinth of galleries dug from the loess, the largest room is 35m long. It was here that knights pledged their allegiance and Rakoczi was elected, and it is also here that the wines of the Estate acquire their unique personality. The oldest cellars at Tokaj house the Tokaj museum and a tasting bar.


Château Rakoczi-Dessewffy, the head of the Estate


Halfway between the vineyard and the village of Tokay, the former Customs Office, which housed the Treasury Administration in the 18th Century, collected taxes on salt. Nothing has changed, really, as these two pavilions currently house the offices of the Tokaj-Hétszolo Estate, another treasure.